Living small with our cat, Chumlee
Our rescue cat, Chumlee, enjoying a view of the creek.

Welcome to our home on Muddy Creek, located in the southeastern corner of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have been living small, full-time in our RV since October of 2019. We have adjusted well to our small space, and for the most part, have everything we need on a day-to-day basis. There are three of us, including our cat Chumlee.

Despite the threat of COVID-19 and the way it has turned the world upside down, I feel more positive about life. The impact of the virus has significantly hurt my animal care business, which has given me time to write. I’ve been wanting to write more, having enjoyed it when we published a pet tabloid, Pet Tails Magazine, from 2005 thru 2014. I have no more excuses to procrastinate.

On this website, I will share

I hope to encourage others to take chances–even if you don’t decide to live in an RV–and try some different ways of doing things.