Welcome to our home on Muddy Creek, located in the southeastern corner of Virginia Beach, Virginia. We have been living small, full-time in our RV since October of 2019. We have adjusted well to our small space, and for the most part, have everything we need on a day-to-day basis. There are four of us, including two rescue cats, Chumlee and Nori.

On this website, I will share:

  • why we chose to live full-time in our RV and some of the consequences
  • what it is like living in a small space and embracing a minimal lifestyle
  • how living so close to nature has raised our concerns about the environment and the effects it has had
  • what we are learning about the wildlife that surrounds us

These subjects are not entirely independent. Our proximity to the nature reserve heightened our concern about environmental issues. As a result, we now choose environmentally safe products whenever possible. For example, we constantly ran out of handsoap with so much washing during the pandemic. When the time came to purchase more, I switched to echo-friendly  Blueland handsoap.

These soaps come in tablet form that you pop into a (reused) soap bottle and add water. When I decided to make this change, it hadn’t occurred to me that I’d also be saving space in the bathroom cabinet. Storing six tables instead of six bottles of hand soap is a great space saver. When living in an RV, this is always a plus!

What it’s Like

Full-Time RVers

In 2004, we explored the country in our class A RV for seven months before settling down in a condo in Virginia Beach, VA. And, many years later, we still missed the simpler lifestyle of campground living.

The Accidental Environ-mentalists

Becoming Eco-Friendly

Having a home tucked into such a beautiful – and alive – environment, it is hard not to feel a certain amount of responsibility for protecting it. 

Pickerel Weed

Life is Better in the Woods


Each time we visited our seasonal campsite, which is nestled in a wooded area, a feeling of calmness and relaxation always accompanied the visit.

Squirrel climbing down a tree

Turtles and Otters and Snakes, Oh My!


Sometimes, I feel like we are living in a zoo. Wildlife is everywhere.